The Big List of Flat Icons & Icon Fonts

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Icon fonts are awesome. Other than the fact that they have to be single color, they are superior to using images as icons in every way. But which do you choose? There are loads of different sets out there. I’m going to attempt to round them all up here and keep this updated (this post has already been updated several times).


Number 600+
Cost $19-$249

Pictos is the icon font that really popularized this whole idea. In additional to the sets, they also offer Pictos Server, a service which allows you to build your own font set from its library of icons and will host/serve it to you. This allows for very small (quick loading) font files and a nice UI for updating your current sets.


Number 1000+
Cost $5-$60

Symbolset is unique in that they turn words into icons for you. Write the word “heart”, get a ❤. This works via OpenType, a typography feature of modern browsers.

Modern Pictograms

Number 130
Cost $25

v1 is free on Font Squirrel. v2 is paid with the complete set at $25 or individual icons as low as $0.50.


Number 2586
Cost Pay per icon, or $199

Pictonic also offers a hosted icon service and offers unique pricing ($0.59 per icon).


Number 50
Cost Free

StateFace has all 50 U.S states as an icon font. When you need ’em, you need ’em.


Number ~150
Cost Free

GeoBats is an icon font of the world’s countries. GeoBats is on – and it’s worth running a search for “icon” there to see some of the other stuff they have for free.

iconSweets 2

Number 1,000+
Cost $8

Also has a free predecessor.

Erler Dingbats

Number ~120
Cost Free

A drastic improvement to the standard Dingbats.


Number 90
Cost $18


Number 55
Cost $5


Number 40+
Cost Free

For the weather!

Ecqlipse 2

Number 281
Cost Free

They have little shadows beneath them (so not exactly “flat”). Very small predecessor.

Heydings Icons

Number 60
Cost Free


Number 500+
Cost Free – $59

IcoMoon is a set of open source icons. But more importantly, IcoMoon is a web app for customizing and downloading optimized icon fonts. You choose just the icons you want and download that minimized set. You can easily add font from different sets or add icons from SVG files via simple drag-and-drop.


Number 171
Cost Free

Gedy Rivera Social

Number 107
Cost $5

Foundation Icons

Number 47 + few other mini sets
Cost Free

Can be used with or without Zurb Foundation.


Number 52
Cost ~$30


Web Symbols

Number ~80
Cost Free


Number ?
Cost $10

Specifically only social media icons. They claim “billions” which obviously it isn’t.


Number 100+
Cost Free


Number ~400
Cost $12 – $49

In a bunch of different separate fonts based on type (e.g. arrows, icons, circles, etc)

Font Awesome

Number 150+
Cost Free

Designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap. In other words, a redesigned version of the free version of Glyphish which that ships with.

JustVector Social Icons

Number 150+
Cost Free

Social stuff only.


Number 73
Cost Free

Flexi Social

Number 65
Cost $29

Social stuff only.


Number 116
Cost Free


Number 120
Cost Free

Free but they accept donations on the main page.


Number 8 sets, 96 each
Cost $29 per set

The icons as graphics only are priced differently, but the fonts are broken up into 8 sets. Seems like kind of a pain in the ass to buy just the right sets you need since they are just chopped up to be even numbers. If you love the set, you’re probably better off buying one of the bundle packs.

Dot Com

Number 92
Cost Free

Snagging it from DaFont then running it through Font Squirrel is your best bet.


Number 94
Cost $39

There is also a Vol. 1 (312 hand-drawn icons) and Vol. 2 (60 miniature works of art) which are not fonts but are flat icons.


Number 88
Cost Free

Donatations help keep it going.

Flat Icons Only

The following icons don’t come as an @font-face set, but are flat vector icons. You could easily incorporate them into other sets through tools like IcoMoon.

Web Icon Set

Number 1,600+
Cost $25 – $99

They have a couple of smaller sets sets, or you can become a member for access to all of them at less than the cost of two sets.


Number 40
Cost Free

Social icon font.


Number 100+
Cost $16 per set

Comes in two sets, one made from solid shapes and one made from strokes.


Number 100+
Cost $9.90 – $59

Various sets of different sizes and styles at different prices, including some non-flat ones.


Number ~500
Cost $5 – $43

One big set with a couple of little add on packs.


Number 65
Cost $9.99

Fundraiser that looks like it’s over but the icons are still for sale. I believe they are only PNG, not vector, and I’m also not sure if you get the 40 “add-on” pack icons automatically or not.


Number 745
Cost $10 – $60

Free updates.


Number 90
Cost $14

Also has a non-font set with more icons than come in the font set.


Number 304
Cost $29.99

Free if used for personal or community sites.


Number 400
Cost Free – $25

Set of 200 is free in one size, or set of 400 in two sizes for $25.


Number 350
Cost Free – $49

Free for personal and community sites, or pay for royalty-free and more formats.

The Noun Project

Number A Zillion?
Cost Per Icon or Free w/ Attribution

The Noun Project is probably the largest collection of icons out there. It’s not really a “set” but rather a huge archive of symbols. You can download them one-by-one for free if you agree to attribute the author, or buy the symbol to get it royalty-free. You’ll have to combine them all together to use as a font. You can submit your own.


Number 1000+
Cost Free

Similar to The Noun Project, iconmonstr is an archive of icons that you can search through and download one-by-one as needed.


Number 300+
Cost Free

Comes with PSD, SVG, and PNG


Number 100
Cost Free

Open source


Number 36
Cost Free

Eddit iPhone UI

Number 160
Cost $69 – $189

$189 gets you the vector PSD.


Number 205
Cost $19


Number 250
Cost $10 – $25

Couple of free preview packs available.


Number 600+
Cost $159 – $499

Eco Ico

Number 36
Cost Free

By Matthew Skiles.

Brankic1979 Icons

Number 350
Cost Free


Number 70
Cost Free

By Vaibhav.

Roam Design

Number 99
Cost Free

Personal use only.

IconEden Glyph

Number 679
Cost $35

Similar set as strokes instead of solid shapes.


Number 362
Cost $20

@font-face version is “coming soon” and will likely be a small set of originals.


Number 60
Cost Free

Free with attribution.

Cosmo Basic

Number 65
Cost $7


Number 750
Cost $37

Omnigraffle stencil for easy icon insertion there, if you use that for wireframes. Looks like a big update to the set coming soon.

Design Kindle Glyphs

Number 70
Cost Free

Skewed Icons

Number 240
Cost $15


Number ~100
Cost $99


Number 108
Cost Free

By Charlotte Swift. Seem to be removed from web, but live on in some icon font sets.

Icon Minia

Number 139
Cost Free

By Egemen Kapusuz.


Number 99
Cost Free

By Vaibhav.

105 Loops

Number 105
Cost Free

By Pranav.

WPZOOM Developer

Number 154
Cost Free


Number 48
Cost $14.99


Number 30
Cost Free

Open source and crowdsourced (“we will create 1 icon for every 50$”). Part of the Fontello project.

Picto Foundry Icons

Number 350
Cost $20


Number 750
Cost $75

Based on Windows 8.


Number 600+
Cost $25-$80

Mobile Pro Icons

Number 315
Cost $8


Number 115
Cost $26.20 – $262


Number 285+
Cost Free

Hand Drawn Icons

Number 310
Cost $19


Number 630
Cost $15

Each set (outlines or solid) is $15 or both for $25.


Number 1500
Cost $59


Other Information

  • Make sure you use these with the correct semantic/accessible markup.
  • A few reasons why Icon Fonts are Awesome.
  • IcoMoon is a fantastic app for customizing, mapping, and creating your own icon font with just the stuff you need.
  • Fontello takes a few of the free font icon sets and allows you to pick and choose characters and apply mappings to your own liking. Similar to IcoMoon – simpler but less features.
  • Hieroglyph – Generate an icon font from a directory of vector (SVG) files
  • Glyphs – the font editor for everyone.