CSS-Tricks Chronicle XV

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Life’s been pretty good lately! I’ve just signed a land contract with my previous landlord to buy the house I’m living in, in Milwaukee. I quite like Milwaukee and the house, so I’m excited about that. Feels a bit grown-uppy.

Last month I took a trip to Scotland with some friends which was great, in part because it’s the only non-tech trip I’ve taken in some time.

I’m significantly healthier than I was 3-4 months ago. I’m down about 40lbs. I have quite a ways to go to be truly healthy, but I’m doing all the right stuff including a lot of walking, biking, weight training, and eating better and drinking less. I’ve already booked another stay at the health resort thing that helped me kick it off, so I can really keep it going.

I spoke at my first An Event Apart event in Austin earlier this month. That was cool. I’m doing another in San Francisco in December, but if you don’t already have a ticket I’m afraid it’s sold out.

This Sunday I leave for CSS Dev Conf which is exciting and obviously right up my alley for a conference focus. I’m polishing my slides right now.

I got to be a guest on some podcasts since I’ve last done one of these Chronicles. Pixel Recess and Dorm Room Tycoon. The Dorm Room Tycoon one wasn’t published, so not sure if that just didn’t work out or what, but it’s a good show worth checking out.

Speaking of podcasts, ShopTalk took a few weeks off while Dave and his wife tended to their brand new baby Otis. We’re now back with what we’re calling Season 3 in which we’ll have shows every week through at least the holidays.

Most of my time, as always, is dedicated to CodePen. Since the last Chronicle, we’ve released several major features and countless little features and improvements. Among the biggest features: Customizeable Embeds, the Mobile Editor, and much better Comment Notifications.

We recently got the team together in Bend, Oregon (where Tim lives) for some co-working which was fun and productive. We’re doing another little mini-sprint together in December in Palo Alto (where Alex lives).

The year is still going for The Pastry Box Project where I write monthly. Several posts since last time including article about my internal struggle with spammers, my one bit of advice regarding “success”, and a fake story about mustard.