CSS-Tricks Chronicle XIII

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I’ll be speaking at the upcoming Front End Design Conference in Florida. If you have tickets, see you there! If not, sorry, this one is sold out.

I recently spoke at TXJS, and they recorded the talks, so mine and a bunch of others are available on their Vimeo channel.

Next week I head out for Graves Mountain, as I do every year. So this week I’m planning for that, both getting ready for it as well as getting ready to be unplugged for the week.

ShopTalk is going strong! We have lots of great guests lined up. We’ve recorded a show in advance to air while I’m away at Graves. I’m sure we’ll have a show every week for a very long time to come.

Recent shows include Ben Frain, Pam Selle, and Ben Schwarz.

CodePen is going strong as well. The team has made the huge leap of taking it full time. It’s been a touch slow, but it’s because both Tim and I moved across the country (me to Milwaukee, WI) and we’ve been settling in a bit. We’re also working on big new features. There will be little new stuff coming here and there, but a lot of time has been sunk into big stuff that’ll take a bit to get out.

The Patten Rodeo is back as well, in Season Two.

There are also CodePen PENS now, as well as stickers, and get get both if you order a T-Shirt.

Kern and Burn have a book called Conversations With Design Entrepreneurs and there is a bit of an interview with me in there. I got the book and it is super nice. One of the nicest feeling and reading books I have.

I have a few new articles on The Pastry Box Project. One is a story of a person opening a mustard packet and… well just take of that one what you will. The other is the only bit of life advice I have to offer.

I have some ideas burning for new stuff for The Lodge so I’ll be launching into that the next few months. Nothing to share yet, but I’ll let you know. I also have a nice list cooking for CSS-Tricks v11. It probably won’t be a huge redesign, but more re-align-y focusing on enhanced functionality.