CSS Off Update

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Wave that checkered flag! Comments are closed and the entry form is shut down as the deadline for the CSS Off has now passed. We had an incredible 136 entries! A few right at the buzzer which makes me worry some people didn’t make it, but them was the rules. I honestly thought there would be 20, 30 tops.

We’ll begin judging shortly. This is going to be a big task for @dougneiner and I, so please bear with us as it goes on, it will likely take a few weeks. At some point, we’ll make every entry browseable by all, with notes and scores. Then shortly after that, we’ll announce the winners and begin the prize-choosing stuff.

As promised, I will be making a donation to a Haiti-relief charity of $408. I’m going to research it a bit more, but I’m thinking Doctors Without Borders.

In Other News

I made and use my own “base” WordPress theme when starting a new WordPress project. I call it BLANK and I made it available today over on Digging Into WordPress if you want to check it out.

I recently had someone ask if there was a way to make a public page to show someone (e.g. a client) the status of the sites in their Are My Sites Up account. You can, and I showed how.