5 Awesome Sublime Plugins you Won’t Find in Top Plugin Posts

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I am a huge fan of Sublime text editor and whenever I go and try other text editors I come back to Sublime crying: “Forgive me I’ll never, ever, leave you again!” But I’m not here to praise Sublime. In this post I’m rather going to share some of the Sublime plugins I’ve been using a lot and which are really helpful and fun to work with. You may find them for your favorite text editor as well.

Let’s dive into the first one.

1) Text Pastry

How many times have you had a markup and all you wanted to do was to add incremental numbers to it? For example if you have a list with a heavy content, of course you can’t use Emmet or similar tools to add those incremental numbers because the markup is already there, unless you use some tricks. However there is a faster way to get there.

With Text Pastry plugin we can extend the power of multiple selections in Sublime and do lots of awesome things.

Here is the basic usage of this plugin:

Sometimes you even have a range of numbers in mind and, as you can see in the video, you will be able to put numbers in a specific range and you can even specify the steps.

Pretty cool, huh?

This plugin can do more than what I have just shown you. You can find more information and examples on GitHub.

If you are using Atom you can find the Text Pastry plugin here.

2) Super Calculator

Once I needed a component, but since I didn’t have much time, writing it from scratch was not ideal. Fortunately I could find that component on the web; however the developer used pxs for all the properties and sizes. So for making that component responsive I was supposed to change all the pxs to em or rem, and, as you know, doing that is just a pain in the ass. I used Cmd/Ctrl+D to see all the pxs units and then I stared at the screen wishing I had a magic wand to turn all those pxs units into a relative unit.

It turned out that magic existed and I did find it after 5 minutes of Googling.

Super Calculator is just amazing, all you have to do is press Alt+C and Super Calculator will select the mathematical expression closest to the cursor position so that you can review what is going to be calculated. If you press Alt+C for a second time, it will calculate the result and insert it into your code right away, or if you select a mathematical expression and hit Alt+C, the magic will happen all the same.

3) InstaGoogling

I think I found this one on Twitter and it’s just brilliant.

When we code we usually love to make our text editor fullscreen so that we can concentrate at our best. But sometimes we get to this point where we need to find something on the web, maybe a piece of code or maybe a wired syntax, hence we have to get out of that fullscreen mode.

InstaGoogling plugin will help you to Google something without losing the full-screen mode. All you have to do is hit f1 and you will have a nice Google window popping up on your screen.

After installing this plugin you will need to add its extension to Chrome as well.

As you can see from the video, I’m going through my search result by using the tab key, I hit enter for opening the page and I use Ctrl+W to close the window, so that I don’t have to move my hands away from the keyboard.

Another great feature of InstaGoogling is that you can select a piece of code, then hit f1 and the plugin will search that on Google automatically and it will insert the language at the end of that piece in order to have a better result.

Unfortunately there isn’t yet a version of plugin for Mac, but I hope it will come out soon, as it seems to be in the making.

4) Open-Include

To me this plugin is the most handy one.

Usually in a project you have a lot of files and you wanna be able to easily move back and forth from one file to another. Imagine you are looking at your Sass index file and you see a lot of imports and paths. if you want to open one of them you can move the cursor on that path and just simply hit Alt+D and boom, you will be in that file.

What I love about Open-Include is that it doesn’t matter what that path is and where it goes, Open-Include will just open it for you. You can be dealing with a JavaScript module or a file on a CDN or an image, this plugin will do its job in any case.

Unfortunately this plugin was removed from packagecontrol.io. As a consequence, you can’t install it as you normally would, but you can go to its Github page, download the entire set of files and install the plugin manually by pasting all files in your package folder.

5) Console Wrap

I have a colleague who, from time to time, comes to me bad mouthing another colleague of ours: “Why does he never remove his console.log lines?”

Console Wrap can help us removing those lines my colleague hates so much:

If you use Atom try this plugin.

How can we find awesome plugins on our own?

To be honest when I discussed with Chris the possibility of writing this post I only had four plugins in my mind, so I said to myself: ‘I’m not gonna write this post with a title like “4 Plugins…” that is so lame!’ So I went to packagecontrol.io, to the trending section in the hope of finding something useful, and I immediately spotted Console Wrap plugin shining there and it turned out I really needed this plugin.

So, from time to time do go to this page. You may find something you didn’t know you needed which will make your life so much easier!