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This year is An Event Apart’s 10th anniversary. In order to celebrate, they are putting on competition called 10K Apart where people show off what can be accomplished in 10kB of data. This isn’t a new competetion- its first genesis has been a project called 5k way back in 2000-2002. This year is sponsored by Microsoft Edge and they’re giving away $10K in prizes to competitors. The judge panel has top professionals from web development, talented people like Sara Soueidan, Lara Hogan, Mat Marquis, Rachel Andrew and Heydon Pickering.

This competition is incredibly exciting as it focuses on things we as web developers can all benefit from thinking about. In terms of progressive enhancement, what is a usable baseline? How can we cleverly make our sites usable for a wide range of people? Aside from the clear benefit for performance, this contest focuses its attention on accessibility, designing for performance, and interesting innovations in the field.

Enter the contest! It should be great fun. My contribution was the SVG animation that you see on the homepage of the site (click the handle to watch it go again), created in less than 10kB with SVG and GreenSock, with particular help in SVG optimization from SVGOMG. Aaron Gustafson of Microsoft Edge has been hard at work on development for the site and everything you see there is under 10kB, as well, which is pretty rad.

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