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Embed a Page inside a Page

<?php $recent = new WP_Query("page_id=**ID**"); while($recent->have_posts()) : $recent->the_post();?>
       <h3><?php the_title(); ?></h3>
       <?php the_content(); ?>
<?php endwhile; ?>

The above code can be used within the regular page loop. Replace **ID** with the ID of the page you wish to embed.


  1. Kris
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    instead of “page_id=”

    you could also use “pagename=”

  2. david
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    nice and thanks a lot for all this is very very useful for me.i am fan but new in wordpress so i visit a lot your site.just one question.if i want to embed several pages inside a page,how can i do without repeating this same code several times?
    again thanks very cool informations ,actually i ve learned how to create my own theme because of you:)

  3. Cristobal
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    Very good solution, I’ve been looking around for something like this a while and is good to find it in a few lines of code.

    It would be possible to show the content of the new page until the tag?

    thanks for the help.

  4. Cristobal
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    the previous post I’ve fortot to add the “code” inside tags, I was talking about the “Read more” line that you can add to the article.


  5. Ant

    I am thinking to use that to parse one site content into one page (excessive pagination is bad!).

  6. I know this is more about straight WP code/functions but I’m a huge fan of Improved Include Page –

  7. Florian

    hmmmm somehow it doesnt work for me… :(

    im using wordpress 3.0 and my code looks correct for me, but even when i insert a post_id manually it won’t display anything… do you have any idea? I saved my code at a pastebin:

    thank you very much…

  8. Florian

    ok, i got it on my own :)
    the problem only was that i used custom post types… so i had to tell the querry that it should enable displaying that specific posttype…

    $recent = new WP_Query(array( 'post_type' => 'seitenelemente', 'page_id' => 157 ));

  9. This works if your putting it at the very end of the loop, but if you want to continue working on the main loop afterwards, you’ll need to call


    Also keep in mind if using pagenames etc, it might be a good idea to specify that you only want a single post displaying using 'posts_per_page' => 1

  10. Hi!
    When I use this code:

    have_posts()) : $recent->the_post();?>

    All my recent comments (on the dashboard) – always have the exact page as their “In response to” => I wish I could send you some screenshots.

    So: “This is a comment” in response to “pagesidebar”, which doesn’t make sense and pretty confusing…(because ALL of the comments have the same in-reponse-to result)

    Does anyone here has same problem? HELP please?

  11. I love you…

  12. Carl
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    This is nice. Is there anyway that will also post the image I added in the content?


  13. Rock on!! Chris Coyier is the Daddy!! Yeahhhh

  14. kimil
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    Cool !!
    Can i use it based on the page template ?

  15. Joe
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    I need to insert a .php page (made in dreamweaver and present on the server) WITHIN a page in WordPress.

    I desire it to show when the page loads.

    I designed it in Dreamweaver as I wanted to have more control over the graphics, rollover buttons, etc.

    I just need to plug it in to a WordPress page. I still need to maintain the other aspects of the WordPress template, however (sidebar, header, etc)

  16. Shrav
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    Hey Chris!


    I have learnt so many things from you / over the years. Its incredible. Thanks once again.


  17. Ronan
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    Chris, you sir, are a legend! Thanks for this.

  18. Thanks Chris again for the life saving tip.

  19. Rasha
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    any relpy please on the comments ?????

  20. tim
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    This code worked great when I added one page with it.
    I tried to repeat the code below to display a second and third page and it locked up my browser and confused Google analytics and a Light Social Plugin. I disabled them but I’m still having trouble using this code to display more than one post. Do I need to change each occurrence of recent to recent 1, recent 2 etc. or will each recent replace the last one?

  21. I want to have 3 pages embedded in my home page. One is forum page and other two are recent posts in particular categories. Can this be possible by above page ?

  22. How can i replace the included code of page which is added in post ?

  23. Permalink to comment#

    A big help to me :) earning few bugs because of you :)

  24. Permalink to comment#

    Great, thanks for the help! :)

  25. Cheyne
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  26. Russell
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    This is what I’ve been looking for. I’m new to WordPress. Where do I type this code… in the page itself…

    Grateful if someone can help a newbie :-)

  27. yeah.. this works on wordpress 3.6 … thanks^^

  28. Hindujhan
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    Thank you

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