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Convert BR to Newline

Technique #1

function br2newline( $input ) {
     $out = str_replace( "<br>", "\n", $input );
     $out = str_replace( "<br/>", "\n", $out );
     $out = str_replace( "<br />", "\n", $out );
     $out = str_replace( "<BR>", "\n", $out );
     $out = str_replace( "<BR/>", "\n", $out );
     $out = str_replace( "<BR />", "\n", $out );
     return $out;

Converts a break tag to a newline - no matter what kind of HTML is being processed.

Technique #2

function br2nl( $input ) {
 return preg_replace('/<br(\s+)?\/?>/i', "\n", $input);


  1. Technique #2 will work a lot better than #1
    But in #1, you could just use the first three calls and use str_ireplace() instead.

  2. Vicky
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    I’m suffered a lot. A used ” but I should use ‘. Could it be really a mistake?

  3. Ronak Damani
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    please help me out why is “i” used in
    function br2nl( $input ) {
    return preg_replace(‘//i’, “\n”, $input);

    at the end of first parameter of preg_ replace

    • Ronak Damani
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      function br2nl( $input ) {
      return preg_replace('//i', "\n", $input);

      sorry the code got messed up

  4. Permalink to comment#

    You can also do:

    function _br2nl($input)
    return str_replace(array("", "", "", "", "", ""),"\n", $input );

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      function _br2nl($input)
      return str_replace(array(“<br>”, “<BR>”, “<br/>”, “<BR/>”, “<br />”, “<BR />”),”\n”, $input );

      function _br2nl($input)
      return str_replace(array('', '', ''),'\n', strtolower($input) );
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    `(\s+)?` could just be `\s*`.

  6. It seems that you just need to use the nl2br() function

    thats all.

  7. You can replace this:


    With this:


    Here is how I would do it:

    preg_replace('/<br\s*\/?>/i', "\n", $input)

    But you should know that it won’t work on malicious input, such as:

    <br onmouseover="alert('pwnd')" />

    Here is a test of such input.

  8. atinder pal singh

    is there any way to apply css style to br

  9. biju
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    this is help full. but i want to change in wordpress to . i tried remove_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’ );
    remove_filter( ‘the_excerpt’, ‘wpautop’ ); but not work

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