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Display Only First X Divs, Toggle Rest

var news = 2;
hidenews = "- Hide news archive";
shownews = "+ Show news archive";

$(".archive").html( shownews );

$(".archive").click(function (e) {
       if ($(".news:eq("+news+")").is(":hidden")) {
           $(".archive").html( hidenews );
       } else {
           $(".archive").html( shownews );


<div class="news">First news</div>
<div class="news">Second news</div>
<div class="news">Third news</div>
<a class="archive" href="#"></a>

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    sweet, thank you!

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    Excellent, thanks for this =)

  3. Sorry, the reference URL has not been available for a long time. It’s fixed now!

  4. sdf
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    first post sample piece of code.

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