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Use PHP inside JavaScript

This has only really been tested on Media Temple (gs) servers.

In the folder with the JavaScript, the .htaccess file should include:

<FilesMatch "^.*?api.*?$">
SetHandler php5-script

In that above example, any file that includes the string "api" will be processed as PHP. Feel free to alter that RegEx.

Then in the JavaScript file itself, set the ContentType back to JavaScript:

	// Sets the proper content type for javascript
	header("Content-type: application/javascript");

That will ensure browsers reading the file will interpret it as JavaScript. Now you can use <php ... ?> tags in the JavaScript file to do whatever PHP stuff you need to do.


  1. drivel
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    Could you use this for stylesheets?

  2. Yasin
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    Nice one can you give some explanatory example how all its work

  3. sam
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    i dont think i can understand this without looking at a working example

  4. If I’ve understood it correctly, an example would be to have a file called:


    Link to it in your HTML:

    <script src=’js/myjavascript.api.js’ type=’text/javascript’></script>

    Then, in the myjavascript.api.js itself, you can now use PHP code:

    // Sets the proper content type for javascript
    header(“Content-type: application/javascript”);

    // JS Code
    function myJavascriptFunction(variable) {
    // Do stuff with variable

    myJavascriptFunction(<?php echo $variable_from_db; ?>);

  5. It quite valuable thing you shared as a trick and in some cases it will be really needed. However, before using it we have to clear what is more favorite for us: performance or this way to get PHP vars inside JS. Because when applying this trick, JS file is going to load much more slower, because it is loading as PHP file.

    Thanks anyway.

  6. Jon
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    Does anyone know if this would work in a J2EE environment? I have a web application built in eclipse with JavaScript (jsp and jspf files) that I need to do some server stuff on the client side with Java and can’t get to the Java functions so I was going to try and use PHP to do it on the client side. Just some file manipulation…


  7. sentio
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    can u post me all lastest updates in my mail,Thanx

  8. Permalink to comment#

    Awesome trick, :) I love it. Thanks

  9. Manish
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    Please explain more because it’s not enough to understand.

    • I think I get it. What you’re doing is telling the server in htaccess to process any file with “api” in the name as php. This means if you had a file “myscript.api.js”, then when the server opened the file it would treat it as a php file and even say it was a php file. You don’t want your server to tell clients it is a php file though, because they’re expecting a javascript file. So the very first thing you do in the file is use php’s “header” function to set the content-type header back to “text/javascript”.

      So essentially in htaccess you tell the server: “Hey this javascript file is actually a php file because it has ‘.api.’ in the name.”

      Then when it’s parsing the file, you tell it: “Tell the client this is a javascript file.”

      You can also try going the other way around, serving “myscript.php” as a javascript file and using the header function to set it’s content type to “text/javascript”, but I’m not sure that works everywhere, and it definitely can confuse maintenance.

    • badmidget
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      I’ll give you the example that brought me to this page.

      I have a whole bunch of web pages that link to one javascript file. The markup on those html pages can’t pull in a php page the same way they pull in my javascript file. However, it became necessary for me to build an admin page that would change certain parts of the javascript file. After a quick google search I found this page. Now I can create a php admin area to write to a database and use my php IN my javascript file to read those database values.

      Here’s how I did it:
      myfolder/myscript.js is what all the pages link to. so in ‘myfolder’, I made an htaccess file that has Chris’s code in it only I changed the ‘api’ to ‘MyWhackyExpression’.

      <FilesMatch "^.*?MyWhackyExpression.*?$">
          SetHandler php5-script

      So then in my javascript file I put the doctype info like Chris says to do, but I added ‘//MyWhackyExpression’ to it.

          // MyWhackyExpression
          // Sets the proper content type for javascript
          header("Content-type: application/javascript");

      Now the htaccess file will will tell the server to process any file that contains ‘MyWhackyExpression’ as php even my javascript file, but browsers still see it as javascript. All of my php isn’t rendered out to the js file just like php isn’t rendered out to the browser with html.

  10. Gunasekhar
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    not worked

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