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New Poll: How many websites do you launch per year?

Published by Chris Coyier

There is a new poll in the sidebar. RSS readers, you'll have to make the jump. The question is:

How many websites do you launch per year?

The idea is to gauge how many different projects you all are involved with that actually launch in a year. I'm sure some of you work on sites that we launched long ago and you just work on maintaining and growing them. So if that's the only web work you did this year, your answer would be zero. I'm sure also some of you work at churn-and-burn design agencies that are spitting out sites very quickly for clients.

Include sites that you worked on in any significant capacity. If you did a some backend coding for the site, that counts. If you just did the markup part for a good chunk of it, that counts. If you designed the header, that counts. If you spent one hour consulting on the project, that doesn't count. Just count the sites that you played a vital and significant part in its construction.

Feel free to vote based on an average or quick appraisal, but if you want exact dates, let's say June 1 2009 to June 10 2010.


  1. I work on a web design company as leader programmer, and normaly made more than 30 website for a year. And i have personal projects, last with low success.

  2. currently 5-10
    but hopefully I will get more (paid) work in future ;)

  3. Me Me ME

    @David i think that lack of success with your personal projects comes from low design/usability/planning skills.

  4. Paid or unpaid? ;-) We are launching about 10 websites this year, but we are only a 2 people team! And you?

  5. I try to launch a few.

  6. I’m working in an advertising agency as lead-coder and we launch around 12-20 Sites per year and do a lot of modules for existing Sites.

    Beside that I have my own business were I launch ~1 Site per month.

    It’s a pretty cool business imo ;-)

  7. qwerty

    I’ve done 5x so far

  8. @Me Me ME yes this is true. I am a pure coder, not design, usabily!!! I know, :(

  9. i have launched one project but i did all the work my self from scratch and now i am doing its seo and inviting people to register , ah, it is the hardest step and especialy fulling it with informations it should contains a good contents to attract visitors.

  10. Too many. Most of them become nothing, but that’s okay since the investment is very, very low.

  11. We generally design and develop websites, but occasionally we’ll just develop based on provided PSDs. This year so far it’s been about 9 design and develop projects and 6 development projects.

    Our rates are going up, though, in order to provide better quality which should equate to fewer projects per year. Ideally, 1 or 2 well-paying websites per month for an entire year would be perfect.

  12. Around 7 so far :-)

  13. JT

    I just do backend coding for a couple of designers, and it seems an average month sees 2 or 3 sites done, so let’s average and say 30 per year.

  14. 10-20 actually but
    without all the little projects and tries :)

  15. I am a beginner in this field. I have just launched one website so far. Hopefully I will make 2 other in the next 3 months.

  16. Around 16 per year in work and 2 or 3 personal projects.

  17. Ign. Mario

    6 so far in my 1st 7 months freelance career

  18. as an in-house designer at least 20-30 p/y and freelance on top of this about 15 p/y.

    A lot of sites and still wonder why I have to scrape along :(

  19. Sweenie

    I mostly work on academic websites, social networks, and intranets with a few small projects on the side, so I manage between 2-4 sites per year.

  20. I said 10-20, but we probably only launch about 5 “large” projects per year, the rest are smaller brochure-type sites. I work with two other web people in an agency that has about 10 employees.

  21. About 10 websites a year. Not too shabby for being the only coder in the company, plus I maintain everything also, including past sites & personal sites. Quite a few of built up over the years.

  22. I launch around 5 + per year I guess. This year has been my busiest as a part time freelancer. What I find is that although I can build them from scratch in the time frame agreed, it can then take months and months to get to a live and operating stage. At the moment I have 3 sites that I’ve pretty much finished but aren’t quite ready to be shown due to content not being fully finished.

    • mssbee

      How do you handle payment on those unfinished sites? I am waiting for customer content to finish a site also.

  23. 5-10 as part-time freelancer. Waiting for a little stop to publish on my blogfolio!

  24. Our team of 3 puts out about 3 sites a month – so I’ll call it around 35 a year.

  25. As a freelance designer I usually only do 2-3 sites a year and I think that is due to the fact that I do it in addition to my full time job (project manager). I also handle everything, design, code, test, usability, market, content, etc..

    I’ve done web work for 9 years now but have only recently taken freelance serious in the last year. I’m always learning something new each project I do so that slows me down as well. This is why I feel charging per hour for a new site is not an accurate measure, I usually quote jobs based on a defined scope.

  26. Launched 3 this year so far, and I’m working on 4 more (one is pretty big, lots of DB work and server-side scripting from scratch), with 3-5 more prospective clients.

    It’s just me, though, and I do other (non-web) design work too, so that’s quite a bit. I only launched 3 total last year.

  27. intresting poll,
    I gues it’s always nice (as a lonesome free lancer) to see what others are doing.

    2 – 4 by the way, but thats mostly ’cause there’s too little hours in a part-time week.

  28. 20 – 25

  29. Eamonn

    Millions. Now all your internets are belong to us.

  30. In the best year (2007) were made 36 sites. After that about 20 a year. Previous year was bad, just 10 sites. This year gives hope: till may already 7 sites are done and 3 more are in processing.

  31. Nigel

    I just started working with websites, and I only have one up atm which is not even 100%. I probably won’t even do that much until next year because its pretty hard to work on PS with half a gig of ram.

  32. 10-15 / year.

  33. Glenn

    I have only been in the web design game for less than a year but have released 3 sites (1 personal, 2 for profit) and have another one slated to come out before the end of June. I guess I just work on a fast learning curve.

  34. 1-2 per year :) the quality matters, not the quantity

  35. Another interesting poll, it’s very important (for me)..

    1 ~ 3 (4 months in the web industry)

  36. 40-60 a year, 4 person crew

  37. Unas 40 al año. De ellas unas 2-4 son proyectos personales.

  38. I run a web design company with +/- 5 website orders per month. So that’s almost 50…

  39. Brad

    In a typical year I usually design around 4,815,162,342 sites per year. I know… just kidding. Really only between 4,815 and 162,342.

  40. Daniel Langenakker

    Only 1 so far, my own personal site. Haven’t gotten into the industry yet, just can’t seem to get a job.

  41. My company creates web-portals and makes packaged software. We launch about 3-4 products per year.

  42. I’ve launched 18 sites in the last year including my own clients and sub-contracted sites from other design firms. And I have another 4 on the go.

  43. our small studio of web design creating around 10 websites a year. but this month we moved to a higher gear and we’re working on 5 projects in the same time.

  44. I am doing job and freelance as well and launch 60 – 80 websites.

    I have my own freelance team working with me on many projects. Right now I have 12 projects in queue and we have to finish and launch them in 15 days. :)

  45. As we are only working part time nowadays there are only approx. 10-12 per year. But while we were working for a living it was about 20-24.

  46. 4-5, for I also develop iphone apps, so web is part of my business. This year, so far, I have launched 4, all related to personal projects.

  47. Olivier

    It would be interesting to say as well for how much you are selling those websites …

  48. I do at about 6 per year (the paid ones). But I have to say that I’m doing this only part time…

  49. Our team of two have completed, for clients, 3/month so far this year plus 5 of our own sites. We use almost exclusively WordPress, so the turn around time is not very long in most cases.

  50. This ear I was able to lunch 3 but some of them I had to do from scratch I wasn’t aware of the CMS software until start of the year:). Now I hope much more because CMS are very nice and easing the work.

    Bit Doze

  51. You said it best for me and my 9 to 5: “I’m sure also some of you work at churn-and-burn design agencies that are spitting out sites very quickly for clients.” It seems like we go live with a site 2-3 times a month…but hey, it’s for local businesses, so it’s not like they are MEGA sites, haha.

  52. I work for a design agency Third Floor Design and on average launch between 10-20 small to large sites a year. On a personal side of things I probably launch between 5-10 sites year ranging from single page informative / gallery style sites to much larger sites. Not to mention the constant re-designs / updates to my personal sites. Hope that helps…

  53. I launch all of my sites on Swift Point CMS or on one of the more specific content management codebases I’ve written myself, so all I typically do is configure and drop a design on top and I did about 8 last year. I don’t see much churn on the websites, the level remains largely constant with a few leavers and joiners balancing out the portfolio.

  54. pout

    200-250 the cheapest one it is cost £30.000

  55. I just recently took the plunge into full-time freelance work. So, this number will certainly be increasing in the near future. For now, it’s 2-4.

  56. About 10 for clients and a few personal projects (mostly groupwork).

  57. I’m at about 5. I do everything from initial design through launch. I also do logo and print design, so projects are mixed up.

    Ideally, I’d like to double the web projects because I really enjoy the technical challenges. Feeds both left and right brain!

  58. I’ve design about 50 this year so far for different clients, does that count?

  59. Well in the past year I’ve launched about 10 – all done in my spare time as I was finishing up my degree in graphic design :)

    But hopefully now (if im not hired on at a firm) I can take on some more !

  60. I have about 10 this year! Only doing freelance web design in my spare time though.

  61. This year so far i am at 16 sites of which 3 are still not finished yet. 2 have been personal projects the rest made for customers.

    Last year i had a total of 14 so things have gotten a lot busier this year.

  62. Caitlin

    I work as a front end web developer for one website… we launch lots of landing pages and new aspects of our site but none of that really qualifies as “new sites” so I only answered 2-4, which is just about what I do with my freelance work I do in my free time..

  63. I work for a newspaper that recently moved into the web world so I will have to guess with the interest we have seen so far it will be ~20 or so.. 2 man crew

  64. The web development site of our business has launched 14 sites in the last 12 months.

  65. I’ve run 4 website at a year :)

  66. I must admit that I’m a bit surprised by the results of your poll. Although I am just currently maintaining one site, I thought most people would be creating 20 + a year.

  67. I am currently working on one with the hopes of more in the future. Just getting the ball rolling and this is a great place to help. Thank you!

  68. With the high demand of online marketing, I thought the numbers would be higher, but I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

  69. Around 6-7. its completely depended on the situation.

  70. around 4-5 p/y, cause i’m just a beginner. however, some of them are quite successful. i mostly write on php and just begin learning scc and other stuff for design.

  71. Used to put about 12 to 15 website a year when I was working in a company of around 15 employees. The business wasn’t Web centric thought, mostly was print jobs.

  72. Laura

    I think about 25 a year is normal for us. I work at a small advertising agency and I am the only web designer/coder.

  73. 8 – 15 for a year. Two ppl in a company ^^…

  74. Looking at the responses, some firms/developers seem to produce only a few sites every year (presumably of sufficient size and quality to support them until the next year), where other businesses of similar (stated) size launch more than a few every month.

    It might be interesting to see these numbers broken down by site size, complexity, custom vs. templated/”plugin” elements, and so forth… Though that’s probably beyond the scope of the comment thread. : )

  75. I only run my blog, because I’m working in company which most client run it system on internal network

  76. Actually we are launching 1 site per week (more than 45 yearly), only 2 persons working hard. And the solution was our CMS based on Model of Boxes and Contents.
    Every year we think how develope with low time cost web pages, and found the solution with this tool.
    Actually we are using jQuery as main framework, and have very nice results.

  77. 30-40 or so

  78. I launch around 12-15 websites a year, mostly one a month.

  79. Wow, great question. And fun, too – it’s made me realize I’ve launched about 18 sites in the last 14 months since starting my business. This seems the right amount per year if I want to stay solvent and happy at the same time. Thanks, universe!

  80. 10-20, many years in business.

    Best regards guys!

  81. 5 in the last year

    * New WSBEorchids site (
    * AppFlow (
    * Inspired By WordPress (
    * The Works Of (new release in next few weeks
    * OWF (waiting for thumbs up from client)

    Sorry for any screwed up typing, still getting used to my new iDevice.

  82. I personally recently joined the army so I don’t launch any projects at the moment.

  83. Mike

    2-4 inhouse, 1-3 freelance/personal – after deleting the sites I end up hating when they are finished. I can’t fix things…just have to start fresh.

    Launching one today (after I come up with a design), to try and get into a certificate program in Colorado. Actually launching two sites, but one is just a copy of an existing site with my twist on it…

    Only have 24 work hours until I must be back to work…maybe I should stop procrastinating…

  84. I had to go back and count, I wasn’t really sure. Looks like close to 20 for 2009. Makes me want to count the total number of all the sites I’ve done over the years…

  85. About 30 during 2009 (about 10 so far this year). I’m a freelance designer (most of the work I do is actually still for print – and about half of that is for the American Lung Association – their billboards, posters, brochures…)

  86. Cory

    In the last 4 years I have launched 112. So that is just under 30 a year. Big news sites at that, I am lucky enough to work with an amazing team.

  87. Depends on how big is the project, but around 10 -12 per year

  88. Permalink to comment#

    My LBI site is doing well. plan to do 8 more this year.

  89. Permalink to comment#

    So far this year I have launched 3, but I do have other stuff I do. But I have a plan to do at least 10 by the end of the year

  90. I average about 20 new sites and 10 redesigns.

  91. 10 website this year and i work alone…

  92. Permalink to comment#

    The company I work for launches between 5-8 sites a week, and I’m usually responsible for half of those. So I guess I personally do around 100+ a year.

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