New Poll: How many websites do you launch per year?

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There is a new poll in the sidebar. RSS readers, you’ll have to make the jump. The question is:

How many websites do you launch per year?

The idea is to gauge how many different projects you all are involved with that actually launch in a year. I’m sure some of you work on sites that we launched long ago and you just work on maintaining and growing them. So if that’s the only web work you did this year, your answer would be zero. I’m sure also some of you work at churn-and-burn design agencies that are spitting out sites very quickly for clients.

Include sites that you worked on in any significant capacity. If you did a some backend coding for the site, that counts. If you just did the markup part for a good chunk of it, that counts. If you designed the header, that counts. If you spent one hour consulting on the project, that doesn’t count. Just count the sites that you played a vital and significant part in its construction.

Feel free to vote based on an average or quick appraisal, but if you want exact dates, let’s say June 1 2009 to June 10 2010.