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Links of Interest

Published by Chris Coyier

Links of Interest aren't "back", but I have some cool ones I really wanted to share, I'll probably do this from time to time, but just not on a planned schedule like they were.


Richard had a neat little idea to build a music discovery site based on great lyrics. He coded it up, I designed it. Reload the page, get a new lyric. If you like it, go check it out on iTunes,, or Amazon. It's called LyricSift. There is a forth-coming iPhone app to go with it. Don't forget to submit your favorites!

Sunday Morning

Jay Salvat just released this very nice jQuery plugin which is capable of translating websites content into different languages on-the-fly. It's called Sunday Morning. Integrate it onto your own site, or use the bookmarklet to activate on ANY site.

Free Twitter Birds

Luc Latulippe released some very cute illustrated Twitter birds, for free! Unlike many free illustrations or icons, these literally come with the real vector EPS files, so they can be used at any size.


  1. Great Links Chris!
    I think i will use one of the birds for my site.

  2. Eddie
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    Thanks, Chris!
    I really like the LyricSift site’s simplicity.

    Could I offer some const. criticism? The iTunes,, and Amazon logos seem really small. Just a thought…

    I like how the style switches everytime too! You rock!

    • David Jones
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      I’d go along with the icons bit – especially since they don’t need to be so small. I’ll be honest I had to hover over them to see what they were and I use all three sites (iTunes, and Amazon) regularly.

      That said, it’s a really good idea and a neat twist on the ‘lyrics site’ genre.

    • Yeh I third this… just a bit bigger would make allot of difference maybe not design wise but usabliltiy wise.


  3. Brandon
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    Very cool.
    I love how the background color changes every time you view another Lyric!

  4. Permalink to comment#

    you’ve got some interesting stuff here, thanks!

  5. Sunday Morning looks great. I,m already the bookmarklet.
    I’ll try to use it in my blog later because de download page isn’t working now.
    Thank you for the links!

  6. LyricSift is really cool!

    Just added it along with QuotesOnDesign to our showcase.

  7. Just doing a bit of blatant self-promotion here. If you guys are interested in links of interest, check out my web site at I imagine most people here would find it useful.

  8. I would like to ask about the color changing: I think it’s mainly coincidence, but a lyric with the word GRASS on it, the background was green. And sad lyrics are usually dark backgrounds.

    Is there any explanation to that? Or are colors just random?

    • Just random for now, pretty sweet coincidences though =)

      I’d love to do some fancy text analysis to set colors based on the emotions of the words someday though, that’d be pretty swell.

  9. Thanks for sharing my Twitter birds Chris! :)

  10. Permalink to comment#

    was going to use the birds, but the link to them is dead?

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