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Links of Interest aren’t “back”, but I have some cool ones I really wanted to share, I’ll probably do this from time to time, but just not on a planned schedule like they were.


Richard had a neat little idea to build a music discovery site based on great lyrics. He coded it up, I designed it. Reload the page, get a new lyric. If you like it, go check it out on iTunes,, or Amazon. It’s called LyricSift. There is a forth-coming iPhone app to go with it. Don’t forget to submit your favorites!

Sunday Morning

Jay Salvat just released this very nice jQuery plugin which is capable of translating websites content into different languages on-the-fly. It’s called Sunday Morning. Integrate it onto your own site, or use the bookmarklet to activate on ANY site.

Free Twitter Birds

Luc Latulippe released some very cute illustrated Twitter birds, for free! Unlike many free illustrations or icons, these literally come with the real vector EPS files, so they can be used at any size.