So You’d Like To Translate a CSS-Tricks Article

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Chris Coyier on

We sometimes get requests to translate CSS-Tricks articles into different languages. Here’s our policy on that.

Go for it. Link back please.

Perhaps you can tell from our license, but we’re fairly permissive with anything you find here on CSS-Tricks. We don’t even pursue the do-badders who scrape content from CSS-Tricks and republish it identically.

So if you’re a person who want’s to do a good job on a translation into another language, republish on your own site, and link back to us, that’s absolutely allowed.

The beauty of having a link back to the original is that we often update articles, so perhaps someone finding your article in the future might benefit from finding updates on the original.

Can we have a copy?

Someday, I can imagine us hosting translations of articles right here on CSS-Tricks. If any given article has one, we offer a dropdown (or something) to display the article in that language. If you translate an article of ours, it would be cool to get a copy of this so we might try that out.

Even better, write your own article on the subject.

Translation is work. Perhaps even better, you could read and digest the article, then write a new article on the same subject from your own perspective.