The Rectangle Behind You

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Last year I watched a talk by Marcin Wichary about his work at Medium and, although the content of his talk was enlightening, funny and charming I couldn’t help but gawp at the way that his slides appeared to transition and jump. At one point of the talk he hijacked a slide and started inputing values and moving things around and I had no idea how he did it. Was it Keynote? Had he made his own native app?

Well, Marcin has written extensively about his process for making a talk, in a series he calls The Rectangle Behind You. Some of his talks use Node.js to communicate between multiple devices, whilst most of them use HTML and a bit of JavaScript to tie things together:

I will share a lot of what I learned: from ideas to code. Maybe it will inspire you to treat your presentation as apps… and even if you don’t, I hope you will find something useful in some of the checklists and principles that helped me throughout the years.

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