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I’m posting this just as a big ol’ high five to Wufoo for being a long time sponsor of CSS-Tricks.

Wufoo is a web app for building web forms. Things like contact forms, conference registration forms, t-shirt selling forms, wedding RSVP’s, you name it. You put the forms on your own site (if you like). They work on small screens. They don’t get spammed. They save their data forever. They can be multi-page and use logic. Everything you need a form to do.

As many of you also know, I was a somewhat early employee of Wufoo back in the day. I’m still quite proud of the work we did at Wufoo and I’m happy with Wufoo today. I use the crap out of Wufoo. Every single day, it powers nearly every single form on all the sites I work on, and a bunch more that I built a long time ago and are just quietly still working great. It’s reliable, feature-rich software that just does what it does very well.

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