Sponsor: statico.io – front end optimization made easy

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statico.io offers front end optimization as a service for web designers and developers. The service optimizes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, fonts, and images, with simple annotations like <link href="home.less?sio-css-embed=enabled&sio-css-uncss=enabled" rel="stylesheet">. It can also integrate with a CDN to deliver the optimized static assets.

It’s free for sites up to 10,000 monthly unique visits. Get started today – no signup required.

What I like about statico is that it’s a local stand-alone build tool. You configure it to do what you want, and the output is a website optimized for speed. It helps with the classics, like concatenation and minification, but also does trickier things like critical path optimization, sprite generation, and data URI inlining.

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