Redesigning The Toast

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Karen McGrane tweets, dreamteam assembles, epic redesign ensues, story of entire process published.

Some minor nuggets #RelevantToMyInterets:

  • A big part of the effort was content strategy and taxonomy work. Cleaning up the tag and category system (and actually inventing different types of tags) meant they could offer many more interesting ways to browse the site.
  • They stayed on WordPress. They don’t have too much positive to say about it, but I suspect it’s about like this. They are doing some of my favorite things with it, like using Timber and ACF.
  • There is a new design, and the front end work involved implementing that design. But of course front end work is about much more than that these days, including the the absolutely vital job of making the site fast and ensuring advertising is well-handled.

I’ve long been a fan of this behind-the-scenes exposé of work. See “Working in Public”, the video series of redesigning CSS-Tricks, and most recently, the CodePen Redesign.

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