Modern CSS Solutions for Old CSS Problems

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This is a hell of a series by Stephanie Eckles. It’s a real pleasure watching CSS evolve and solve problems in clear and elegant ways.

Just today I ran across this little jab at CSS in a StackOverflow answer from 2013.

Typical CSS. They provide CSS animations so it's not done in Javascript, and the styling is all in one place, but then if you want to do anything more than the bare basics then you have to implement a maze of hacks. Why don't they just implement things that make it easier for developers? – Jonathan. Aug 23 '13 at 13:52

This particular jab was about CSS lacking a way to pause between @keyframe animations, which is still not something CSS can do without hacks. Aside from hand-wavy and ignorable “CSS is bad” statements, I see a lot less of this. CSS is just getting better.

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