Links on React and JavaScript

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As a day-job, React-using person, I like to stay abreast of interesting React news. As such, I save a healthy amount of links. Allow me to dump out my latest pile. Most of this is about React but not all of it.

  • JavaScript: What is the meaning of this? — Jake Archibald puts out the canonical article on this.
  • Human-Readable JavaScript: A Tale of Two Experts — Laurie Barth compares examples of code that do the same thing, but have different levels of readability. There isn’t always a straight answer “… but when you’re looking at code that is functionally identical, your determination should be based on humans—how humans consume code.”
  • petite-vue — jQuery was amazing and there is plenty of perfectly fine jQuery code, but the reason jQuery is a bit looked down upon these days is the messy code bases that were made with it. Some lessons were learned. While inline JavaScript handlers were once heavily scorned, nearly every popular JavaScript library today has brought them back. But let’s say something like React is too heavy-handed for you—what is the jQuery of light on-page interactivity stuff? Vue sort of walks the line between that and being more of a “big framework.” Alpine.js is probably the main player. But here comes Vue again with a poke at Alpine with a version of itself that is pretty darn small and does the same sort of stuff.