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I did another guest post over at CSSJuice on a technique using the same background image for different objects on a page.

Along the lines of the perfect fluid width layout that I did a while ago, Dwight House has a very nice “perfect layout” of his own that is very nice.

This is one of the most spot-on articles I’ve read on the dealing with difficult (read “dumb”) requests that clients can have, and how to handle it.

Tara has a post up over on the Graphic Design Blog about the different royalty free image subscription services. I weighed in on my experience using Shutterstock.

Web Typography Sucks. Links to a great presentation from SXSW2007 on the issues with typography on the web. Some highlights include the improper use of primes/quotation marks, minus/dash/em/en dashes (and how you should use smartypants to fix them), and some thoughts on the use of grids.

Apple has released an official Dev Center for the iPhone web applications.

I really like this image from the 404 page at iBloom Studios.