Introducing the new Framer

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Robin Rendle on (Updated on )

Framer, the design and code tool from Motif Tools BV, has been updated with lots of new features.

I guess it’s Framer “js”, because the designs you create are formed from a code syntax that is JavaScript-like. Kinda looks like JSON in CoffeeScript. It’s CoffeeScript. But you’re actually working in a native app.

It’s a wild time for design tooling. Sketch had become a dominant player for screen design. Adobe knows designers don’t turn to Photoshop like they used to and is making things from the ground up like Adobe XD and trying to figure out mobile. Webflow is getting it done in the browser and producing production-ready sites. InVision is also happening in the browser and focusing on teams and workflow. There are very niche tools like Lingo popping up.

The design tooling landscape in years to come will probably be as splintered as the web development tooling is now.

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