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    If what you said was true, and Macs were better and also not more expensive than PCs, then how would you explain the 8% market share of Apple?

    First off, it’s not as simple as just answering “x” amount of market share. Think about it this way: Windows based PC’s have many manufacturers while Apple exclusively manufactures their own machines. It might be far more accurate to compare Apple to Dell or HP or Lenovo. You will see as as a single manufacturer, Apple competes pretty closely with large producers of PC’s. Additionally, you can see that it’s growing substantially.

    It’s kind of like lumping Android into one massive pool. It’s impressive in terms of numbers, but it doesn’t really mean all that much when you compare them apples to apples.

    The other reason is that Windows took the business world by storm. Inexpensive and vendor based solutions like Dell made it a clear winner in business environments. You could keep a company running on XP for 10 years and it didn’t matter. The setup for large corporations are clearly a more cost effective choice for Windows (for when you need 100 boxes from Dell at $350 a box with a room of 50 cloned spare hard drives ready to go if something happens). Worker drones don’t need style or form or function – they just need to produce!

    In general Macs are more expensive (for equivalent setup). I did my research. Furthermore, the Mac Mini and the iMac are more like laptops in a different form factor. You lose all the benefits you have with a PC desktop (the ability to greatly customize and expand and have power beyond what laptops can provide). For this reason I don’t even understand what is the point of an iMac. You might as well buy a laptop and hook it up to an external monitor and keyboard.”

    I’m kind of beginning to agree with those saying you are looking to either troll of flamebait :)

    The reality is this: everyone has a preference. You can argue until you are blue in the face as to what solution is “better” than another. That’s what is so great about personal preferences, right? Linux users typically say their solution is the best around, yet are what like 2% of the market? Does the number of people on a platform determine it’s worth? I happen to be able to produce faster in a Mac environment, and I think it’s so much easier and more fun to work within also. My PC is a gaming rig so I just let it do what it does best. My Mac is for getting work done.

    If you think Windows is awesome and people who buy Apple products are just dumb for buying over priced laptops that have no expandability – good for you man. I’m glad you’re having a ball on your setup. I beg to differ. What you may need to do is get over it :)

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    But Jush, it was you and some others who insisted that Macs are better, not just better *for you*, but better *in general*. Some of you went as far as saying that even the hardware of Macs are better, when in fact most parts, like CPU, graphic cards etc are not even made by Apple and you can have the exact same ones and even better in any PC.

    Regarding the market share issue your excuse is not really valid. The iPad has over 50% market share, and it could have even more if Apple’s profit margins were not as high. Nobody will choose an Android Tablet because “many manufacturers make Android Tablets”. They will choose one if it does what they want and it offers to them value for their money.

    My question here was not “which is better”, but about the *trend* among Web Developers. I don’t think the answer is “Because Macs suddenly became better than PCs a couple of years ago and Web Developers are so intelligent that can realize this in rates that far exceed most other sectors”

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    I’m posting from a Hackintosh right now, and I use a mac laptop when I’m on the road working. I use Windows machines at school, and Macs at home, as well as when I’m working on my laptop.

    1: OSx is customisable, if you have enough technical expertise, you might have to do a little more research than a Windows person, but the opportunity is still there.

    2: OSx is much cleaner, and significantly easier to use. I use both operating systems on a daily basis, although I am on my Mac a little more often. I’m far more productive on my Mac, I can accomplish things faster, I can navigate through files faster, and the organisation of files seems so much more intuitive – or rather, everything does.

    3: For web development, the apps available are significantly better, and certainly more aesthetically pleasing. It’s a great feeling when I switch over from a Windows box at school to a Mac, everything seems to be more free of clutter, and I have Alfred back. (if you don’t already have it,, check it out)

    4: Hardware is more aesthetically pleasing, and there are a ton of little things that make it seem so much more robust, more solid than school computers, or non-mac-laptops of colleagues.

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    Well, quite simply put, if you have safari and iOS in your support matrix, how else are you going to debug for it? No other options than using a Mac(book).

    The popularity of iOS and now OS X has forced developers into Apples ecosytem. I must say I don’t mind developing on a macbook pro retina though, previous dev machines were all linux and windows, but this… is so much better (also a lot more costly of course but well..).

    Next computer that will enter my home will be a Mac, no doubt. I’m done with self built windows / linux boxes.

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    I’ll agree OS X 10.0 was buggy and crashed like hell, but lets fast forward to 10.10 and it’s rock stable! I’ve been a Windows user forever dating back all the way to 3.0! When I had XP it never crashed as in I got a blue screen, but it’d get slow and freeze constantly! I had incredibly powerful hardware for the time.

    Why is OS X better than Windows for web development? Has to come down to environment, tools & software, and the terminal. Who the eff uses powershell for web? ASP.Net developers? Lol, was and is still a horrible solution, don’t use it and save yourself from a headache! C# and .net itself kick ass! ASP just sucks donkey balls!

    For web development you want a terminal as it comes in handy quite often and you obviously need it for rails but there’s ways around that with rubymine, aptana studio, komodo, etc… but sublimetext and a terminal go a long way to!

    It also comes down to this is your work machine, you want it up 24/7, it can’t fail PERIOD!! Even though I’m just a web developer I’m itching to buy a Mac Pro but not without thunderbolt 3 as this will allow me to use pretty much any gpu I want as long as there is a driver for OS X, plus I can use the PCI-E chassis for other things like red rocket cards, and 4k capture cards, etc.

    The trashcan design isn’t bad and it’s quite awesome, think about it can you pack that much power, dual cpus and gpus, 128gb of ram in that form factor? Actually you can’t! The closest you’ll get is an itx x99 board which you’ll get a 5960x, 64gb of ram(16gbx4), and a Titan-X. So no dual cpus and gpus in that size anyway, would be cool though.

    When it just comes down to it, I just prefer the OS X environment to windows for development.

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