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    Perhaps it was because you were targeting the whole list rather than the list items?

    So it would be more like:

    #bullets li {stuff:stuff;}

    That may or may not work!


    Yeah, I would think the last one, Merlin. I’d love to see Erik’s CSS, I love debugging CSS issues!


    Putting your site on the internet where people can see it and debug it is the best way to get help, posting snippets of code leaves us guessing. If you target an ul with a specific id in your css than those styles should not cascade to other lists, my guess is you need some left padding for the bullets to showup


    MerlinMason: A good thought, but that didn’t fix the problem. I’m really starting to think it’s a colossal error on my part and not something simple.

    zackw: I’d love to post a URL but since I work for a software company and it’s part of our next release it’s not an option.

    StephBertha: If you’d like to see the CSS I’d be happy to email you the file, all 518 lines of it.


    I just reread my post from before and apologize to anyone if it sounded curt. I appreciate everyone’s help and am sorry this isn’t a personal project I can post a URL for. I know it’s extremely hard to diagnose a problem without seeing the HTML and CSS. So, if anyone is interested I’ll be happy to send the CSS, but not the HTML for the reason I mentioned in my previous post.

    Thanks again, have a good weekend.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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