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    I don’t believe there’s a legibility issue here but the typeface combinations are not complimentary. If you’re going to go with Google webfonts, please choose wisely as majority are not optimized for the screen (I highly recommend avoiding them). If you’re serious about quality and design, go with Typekit or Myfonts. is incredible for quality. If I had to choose I would go with WebType.

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    the colors need help

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    thank you everyone for all your help so far! @brianallan thanks for the information about Adobe Kuler! That is extremely helpful! Everyone please let me know what you think of the color scheme now (just the logo and nav bar have been changed) [updated colors … ]( “updated”) Just to let you all know I am a beginner (obviously) and in highschool (haven’t taken any classes … self learned) so I really appreciate all your help!

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