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    modernizer’s mq function?

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    Solved with:

    $(function() {
    $('#main-nav_responsive > > li > a').click(function(e) {
    $('#main-nav_responsive > ul.sub-menu').slideUp('normal');
    if($(this).next('#main-nav_responsive > ul.sub-menu').is(':hidden') === true) {
    $(this).next('#main-nav_responsive > ul.sub-menu').slideDown('normal');
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    @JeremyEnglert : FYI, not sure if this is on purpose, but when hovering over results and contact on your main nav, there is no color but you still have drop downs..

    # January 20, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    Hey all –

    Thanks for posting this I’m using it for my mobile nav and it’s working great – the only thing I need help with is making sub-menus able to function – currently if I create a submenu and give it the same class as the parent list item (.menu) it re-collapses the entire menu when you click on it. I’m not very experienced with jquery, otherwise I would think it’s not that hard to do.

    Any help appreciated!

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