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    CSS-Tricks Visitor Browser Breakdown

    Firefox 62.67%
    Internet Explorer 24.86%
    Safari 7.44%
    Opera 3.36%
    Mozilla 0.77%

    Of Internet Explorer:
    65% IE 7
    35% IE 6

    So overall that’s about 9% still using IE 6, which I guess is still pretty significant. I think the site looks decent in IE 6. There is a weird lineheight thing going on in the footer, which I really couldn’t care less about. :twisted:

    # May 8, 2008 at 6:18 am

    As of March ’08 30.1% of people still use IE6 according to w3schools. This is a CSS site so people are much more mindful of what they browse with. Most of my hits come from IE.

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