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    @chester That might help us better understand where you’re coming from regarding the design.

    @VladimirKrstic With all due respect, I don’t really see that as a logical way of thinking. Whether it’s for a large project or a personal portfolio site is irrelevant and doesn’t make it okay. Personally, I think you’re trying to justify it which won’t gain you respect from the industry.

    Edit: Just saw your post, reading it now.

    >Well it’s not a good idea now i can say too. I thought you need it for some not that “serious” project. For fun or something. But for your own portfolio don’t do it. Not because of legal issues but because of you and your work. Do something on your own. You can still create something similar to Metro look but don’t make it scream copy!

    Exactly. I agree with that. If you’re using it to show others how to recreate the Windows UI in HTML and CSS, that’s obviously not a problem. It’s for learning purposes.

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