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    This theme falls down again :(
    Now the Youtube videos are not showing up at all.
    I’m placing the Iframe into shortcode columns and nothing shows up.
    Hoping it’s just something to do with the way iframe’s are being treated in the CSS.
    Same page as the bullets were:

    i’ve got one video showing up now, but that one is not placed in the split columns two-column shortcode. Those should be showing above that one.

    What’s my best route to go on Youtube embeds.
    Maybe it calls for a plugin, heck maybe the theme even has one.
    It would be nice to do those as responsive, otherwise I was going to set the width of the videos at 320px wide which shouldn’t present any problems that way either vs responsive.

    Thanks for any hints on youtube videos in this one.

    Another thing [ranting now] the paragraphs have no top padding or margin.
    Not sure what theme would not want that.

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    Looking at the forum on for this theme, it’s full of the same issues I’ve had. Realizing I’m using the free version, but no saying the paid version would be any better. Rethinking this theme house. :(

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    In short: you get what you pay for.

    It really is true, especially when it comes to WordPress themes.

    I only see one video on the home page. Where is it supposed to be showing?

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    The other two should be showing directly above the one.
    The theme really is a mess, it has a reset, and no base styles put back in.
    Missing the old puritan html straight up coding days today.
    I hate to be a whiner, somebody can delete the topic, I’ld be better off for it.
    Thanks for everybody’s awesome help.

    I was surprised to find no real Iframe styles that are conflicting.
    Not sure what the issue is then.
    Maybe it’s some sort of html 5 conflict.
    The client liked the theme, or I might move on.

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