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    But I can’t really see anything Drupal can do that WP can’t do.


    Once you get a handle on the Views module, and its capabilities, it really becomes a game changer. I just did a search for WordPress Views and found a plugin you can purchase ($95 !); not sure how similar it is to the Drupal module, but it claims to do the same thing. I imagine it would be a hot topic among anyone who does work in both platforms.

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    Just reading what Views are, they look like they function almost exactly like loop functions or custom post types. Are they significantly more flexible in some way or am I misunderstanding what Views do?

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    Pretty much. Views are the equivalent of the WordPress Loop. They do have a user interface to determine arguments and a cool little preview on the bottom so you can test the output.

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    I’ve been using Propeople page and blog section for drupal developers. Would recommend as a online drupal resource.

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