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I am sorry for the extremely long delay in replying. My health issues took a dive a few days ago and I was unable to be at my computer.

I deeply appreciate your doing the demo for me. It provides me with more information and ideas. The biggest issue I think I now face is finding a program other than Dreamweaver to assist me. Neither the working page or the demo you created are shown correctly in the design mode of DW, and the demo you did is in such a disarray with DW that I cannot make sense of it to any large degree. For example, the <h2 class="header">1849 - 1935<span></span></h2> is below and to the left of the <div class="info"> as is the <section class="main-content"> which only adds to the confusion of a newbie like me.

What do you use to design pages?

Best Regards.