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Sorry for the delay in replying but have been a bit pushed for time.

Here is a very rough demo of how I would go about this.

The code is in the head so just view source. I left your normalise.css in place but then added the main styling rules after it.

If I had time I would have changed things around to avoid the negative margins I used to overlap your logo and header onto the borders as you had incorporated borders onto your images. Indeed those multiple borders are a little fiddly and I would have simplified them in some way (e.g. left them out).

The page is in two columns with content stacked in each column. The columns use display:table-cell to keep the full length dividing border (ie7 and under get floated columns instead as they don’t understand display:table properties).

For your icons I would normally have used the same image replacement technique I used for the logo but was short of time so just used text-indent to hide the text (not the best technique for accessibility).

The rest is pretty straight forward.

Hope it’s of some use anyway and sorry that I didn’t have to time to make it perfect.