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For a video game blog, I would recommend a CMS, for a couple reasons.

User registration/profiles.
User comments.
Easy upload/editing of content.

With a good CMS, if you learn it, you can really make a site like this take off. I actually got really into the web by starting with a Video game website using Drupal. I literally had almost every feature that is on sites like gamespot, but it took me and my brother a while to learn it, and be able to do that stuff. But for a simple blog, a CMS is still a good choice even if you don’t want to add a bunch of features because it makes it very easy to maintain your content and user generated content such as comments.

This is just my opinion, of course. I know time is a big factor, and not everyone has or wants to take the time to go real deep. Good luck to you though, it’s still a dream of mine to run a video game site lol.