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A lot of the freelancer job sites attract people that are willing to do the job for practically nothing

This will always be the case. Solution would be to prioritize quality and filter clients/freelancers based on that. Then the question becomes how do you do that? Voting system by clients? freelancers? No clue.

There is also the demographic of people who want to get websites made for the sake of making a website or without understanding why/if they even need one.

You mean everyone.

I think it’s our job to clarify this point. As a professional you need to guide the client and suggest/provide/build a solution that fits their needs. The fact that EVERYONE wants a website should be a good thing considering we make our living doing this.

@jshjohnson, what I would suggest is compiling a list of what kind of services they offer, then do the opposite. Or come up with set of rules and stick with them.

Every market will have: bottom-feeders, middle, and high-end… you have to make the decision on what market you want to serve.