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Just to address the “cons” in jsbin (too :)

No quick dropdowns to select a javascript library – added as script tags in the HTML

If you switch between different versions of the library, then it’ll just swap out the script, though I think you want to switch back and forth really (though it used to exist, I removed it for simplicity).

Not embeddable

Yes it is (and has been for over a year now), select “share” and copy/paste the embed code (or just wrap your bin in an iframe and change /edit to /embed).

No way to save to the original bin (or rebase).

I’ve never quite been sure what this is. I’ve heard jsfiddle has this rebase thing, which because I’m not user, I don’t really know what it is.

You can save the original for sure though (but I suspect you mean something else, like restoring).

Other “pros” that I think are pretty big, but missed out:

  • CodeCasting (also known as Professor Mode in CodePen pro accounts)

  • Remote rendering (i.e. point any other device, mobile, old crappy browser to the same url, and it’ll live reload as you code)

  • Locally installable (via npm install jsbin)