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Hey folks, I’m only a little ways into actualizing the psd mockup in code. I just didn’t want to go too much further until I resolved the issue of my tree and clouds showing up in front of the divs. My trouble is, if I make it relative and give it a z-index, it has been disappearing, perhaps behind my repeat x background image? I do I make it relative without losing it or having it not line up right?

Please don’t trouble yourself with all the other issues in my site (like browser compatibility) besides what I’m asking about… its a given that I’m a novice at this and I’m heavily leaning on Chris’s three step tutorial on wordpress theme making to get this job done. My apologies if you have to sift through much bad code to get to the root of my problem. I did run the validator and I’ve done most of what it’s told me to do, but there may still be issues.

Right now all I want to do is get the tree and the clouds behind the divs but in front of my background image.