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Thank you Alen. The project is real and it has great prospects in Nigeria, West Africa. It’s like: Christianity in Nigeria is more than 60%. The Anglican Church which I belong has more than 160 Dioceses and each diocese has more than 100 urban churches. And the pastors will like to have online presence like website since most of them have facebook page for their churches. ChurchSite will be offering these services to Churches, other christian organisations like missionary bodies, student campus fellowships, NGOs and youth fellowships. There are more than 200 High Institutions in Nigeria and these schools have at least 5 major Christian students’ campus fellowships. In the Anglican where i belong, there are at least 7 organisations in every church in the 160 dioceses. Organisations like, youths fellowship, men’s association, women’s ministries, Knighthood, etc.

The bulb and pencil u see in ‘about us’ page represent something. The pencil is like our skill and the bulb is like what we deliver through our skill. Because we serve churches, our products bring light to darkness.