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Fourize is correct, that would be the simplest way to center it. However, you don’t need to wrap it in a div – you could just apply it to the anchor itself. Also, if you’re going to use a png for the text, you should do a couple things. First, use the same text in the anchor as the png (not ‘button here’) for screenreaders and SEO. Second, given the background image, the image should contain white and shadows for both normal and hover states – its too easy to lose the image in either state depending on screen size. I’d also consider combining the two pngs into one and position it top or bottom depending on hover state – there’s a temporary lag/flash when calling the hover for the first time otherwise.

Fourize is also correct in that 2.4mb for a web image is far too large. GIF is not a good format for that type of image. I’d bet that it would come in under 100k in jpeg medium – and that you could tweak it closer to 50k without any trouble (and probably even further).

IMHO, when first learning web design/development you should leave mobile out of the equation until you have a better understanding of how things work – just my $.02

Did you say ‘cell’? DO NOT use tables for layout!!! Learn CSS – we’ll help you.

Two final notes – you can’t use an id more than once per page and learn to validate your code. Validation truly isn’t the be all and end all – but it is a great tool in helping develop clean, valid code which in turn will help in your learning process.