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Ian G

Thanks dfogge, I know about conditional stylesheets and classes, but my problem is more about the actual live editing and positioning ability you get from Firebug that you don’t seem to have an equivalent for in IE.

Say for example I throw in a image with 10px padding. I look at it in Firefox and see I need to move it more, Firebug lets me move it incrementally to say 12px 10px. I update my stylesheet to reflect that change, then look at it in IE7 and see that it’s off there too. I create a conditional stylesheet for IE changes, then target that item for change, but I have no way to preview the change other than to try a variable, save, clear caches, then view in IE. Very tedious, especially when going across all the versions of IE. Multiply that for multiple changes and tweaks and you can see why I thought it might be worth it to ask if anyone had any shortcuts. What do people do when they need to code for IE?

PS: That article you linked was helpful as well because it had a more in depth discussion of IE hacks than the “just do this” stuff I’ve seen elsewhere.