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I feel like I’m missing a rule of thumb or best practice when I need to increase the width of twentyten or twentyeleven. If you have a mac mouse with horizontal finger scroller on, you can swipe the whole page horizontal. This is happening to some of my child themes. This one doesn’t have the weird horizontal scroll. It used to do it and I posted a question and got this for a reply:

Your div #content has two margins applied to it, I’d remove the one from line 73. Also your div #colophon in the footer has a fixed width exceeding the containers width, I’d remove that on line 176 so it’s this…

#access .menu-header,, #branding, #main, #wrapper {
margin: 0 auto;
width: 1156px;

I was able to fix this one, but I think I did something wrong with how I absolute positioned something in the CR House website. This is important to me to use best practice on all my child themes.

I guess the main question here is: What’s the best way to widen the theme when I create a child theme?

If you see the example of the original twentyten theme here: When you squeeze up the browser the page doesn’t have the weird scroll by itself and a horizontal scroller appears.