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Throwing in my 2 cents…. I personally prefer pixels, exactly because they are so absolute and defined.

With ems, and rems, the fonts are all so relative. If the HTML is set to 62.5%, and the body is set to 1.4em, and then the P is set to 1.1em, then you’ll have to calculate what the font size in P is (in this case, it ends up being 15px I think).

With px, you can just set it right away and you don’t have to calculate: set P to 15px, done. I want it to be 15px, so I set it to 15px — instead of 62.5 * 1.4 * 1.1.

Now of course that gives less flexibility (I have not done enough responsive sites to take advantage of rems and ems), and maybe it’s a little lazy, but I find it personally easier to work with.