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*sarcasm* Yeah, 8% isn’t a big deal at all. Let’s forget about accessibility too! Like only 5 people on the internet are blind and use screen-readers, didn’t you know? Who cares about those dudes anyways?! They’re outta-luck! *sarcasm*

It’s becoming more clear that you’re not that serious about this project or the future of the magazine. 0.49% of all visitors to your site have visited using an ipad? So… *doing some math*… you’ve had a minimum of 10,000 views? Okay, so… *doing some more math*…. those 800 (8%) people who visited your site browsing on monitors at 1024×768 don’t matter to you? *Ouch* I’m not sure your advertisers would like to hear that.

*sarcasm* Oh, by the way, I called my friends at Google and they decided to do your magazine project ‘the right way’, using everybody’s advice. *sarcasm*

‘Think Quarterly’ just launched –