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First off I want to say it’s such a coincidence that I found this. I was thinking about making a setup for a HTML/CSS based magazine for the web.

Although your site is very very nice. There were a few things I wanted to mention.

– I wouldn’t build this kind of thing on WordPress. Key element is loading time. And when using so much images I don’t think a full fledged CMS is neccesary.

– About the loading time, try optimizing your images for web. Same the for the web in Photoshop using a quality settings like 60%. They’re very big.

– I would suggest AJAXing the page turn. Because it has to load a whole new page on each page flip. Which honestly stopped me from reading it till the end.

– I got to page 72. Isn’t that a bit much for a magazine? I’m not an expert but I find that a lot :p

– Another option could be to load the whole magazine upfront and have a flawless page-flipping experience. This could be then loaded in using a loading indicator.

– Try adding a more clear Index page. using page numbering and more info then just the article title.

I hope my critisicm is somewhat useful. Goodluck with your project, and hit me up if you have any questions :)