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Hi Ricky,

Thanks for your feedback – you have some valid points! My responses are below:

CMS – The website is a joint venture and my partner in crime, the editor, is not a web-guy. So a basic and easy to use/understand CMS is really key to the success of the site. As far as CMS’s go, WP is pretty light i always thought!

Images – Unfortunately, when you upload to WP and an image gets cropped or shrunk in size, it looses a lot of quality in colours and other aspects. Obviously, being a photography based website we can’t have that happen!

The bottom line is that the images are large and i have yet to find a way around this. One suggestion that we have had and that we are working on implementing is a ‘back-release’ of old issues in a downloadable format. This way people can have an un-interrupted viewing of the magazine. BUT, it would be a couple of months later!

AJAX – Could you explain to me what you mean by this? I would love to know a way to make the browsing smother…!

Thanks Ricky – hope to hear back from you!