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I have a normal contact form with only three fields (Name, Email and Message). I set all of the three fields to html5 require. I used input type=”email” on the email field. I set maxlength of 40 to Name and Email input fields and 350 to Message textarea field. The contact form is located in the contact us page. When the form is filled and sent, the data will simply be sent to a gmail account and a thank you page will be echoed to the user.

This is the contact page:

I want to know if the website as a static html website is still vulnerable to attcaks. If yes, what type of attack and how can I prevent it.

I am not talking about users using the contact form to spam my email. I am talking about hijacking the website and deface it. As for my cpanel password, it’s very strong and very hard to guess. I used a word in my native dialect (which is impossible to guess) with uppercase and three special characters like #^!