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With the help of xHeathen and Chris’ original file I was able to work out what I’d done wrong!!! I’d failed to leave a space between the div opening tag and the word class so it lloked like <divclass="widget"> ARGH!!! Live and learn I guess..

Now I have the goal to put a custom adsense widget in the middle of my main column in an attempt to begin monetising it to a certain extent. I originally tried copying the adsense code into the adsensebar.php file that I had that simply consisted of a <div>tag with an id of "adsensebar". unfortunately the width of 700-odd pixels was too large for the 540 px space available so I changed the adsense dimensions from leaderboard to banner but now face not having the ads fit in the designated widget.

If anyone could offer suggestions on how I could better fit the adsense ad within my widget I would appreciate it.

Then I only have the final goal of post summaries on the landing page instead of an entire post.

Again the url is for any wise and powerful people out there.

Thanks a lot guys, so glad I found this site!