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I have to say, I’m giving Freshbooks a go, and so far it’s all working a treat. Set up your own profile, set up clients, assign projects to those clients, and track time spent on projects either manually/retrospectively or by timer (which can automatically log those hours for you).

I can also set an hourly rate, a client or project rate, give discount, track exspenses, the works. And so far (as I have only three clients on it) it’s all free! Seriously thinking of subscribing…

EDIT: I had a look at Subernova Andy, but was immediately put off by the $15 pm charge, albeit with a 30 day free trial. Freshbooks’ policy of allowing complete use for up to three clients for free beyond a fixed time period is a big plus for me. Plus its built-in invoicing means that a time-limit would probably mean that you wouldn’t get to see or use many of the invoicing facilities available to you otherwise… my 2 cents ;) … although they are cheaper than Freshbooks’ $20 pm and do offer a more reasonable yearly rate of $145(ish) which I was looking for from Freshbooks but cannot see the option. $240 per year is a little on the steep side.