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Updated: (contact page is there too, but apparently the form doesn’t work yet. I haven’t really worked on low resolution optimizing yet, probably will end up with a collapsing nav)

CodeGraphics, I appreciate the effort but I’m gonna stick with my logo for now.

, I like the ‘little flashiness’ but some people pointed out I need to showcase my strengths so I might throw in something fancy later on… without overdoing it :)

, wondered where you went, hope you’re feeling better now! I’ve made some of your suggested changes. The copy in the footer, you mean the disclaimer or the whole about CrocoDillon thing? Changed ‘Webdesign’ to ‘Work’, thanks!

, Yeah I’m really happy with all the compliments, critiques and suggestions! As for vertical rhythm, for headings I did compensate different line-heights with margin but for text that spans multiple lines that’s harder to do without guessing how many lines you’ll end up with so I decided to forget about it and just reduced the line-height.

I’ve had a friend of mine look at it and she suggested going with a very light color for the footer instead of grey. I went with that for separation. Can make the dashed border white… or remove it, kept it in for now. What do you think?

Nav is on the same baseline as logo and is very minimalistic now. I like it, but I’m thinking about how to improve the hover, pressed and active states.

I didn’t add more space between the main section and the 3 sub sections because I’m thinking of adding some interactivity there (where they are more related to each other, like buttons for a slider). I’ll work out a storyboard and ask for opinions before I start coding it.

More things on ToDo list: “call-to-action” button and logo kerning & icon.