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@JoshWhite, I’ve started thinking about v2 before I had started on v1 ;)

As for javascript voodoo for the middle area, I’m thinking of an JS animated slider, where each ‘slide’ is related to the sections below and each animation ends in where the next starts… to get some kind of looping animation. I’m not sure if I can pull that off but it would be a nice challenge.

I’ll change the word Gravatar, thank you for your comments!

, thanks! I have seen semiflat designs before so thought that was okay. I can completely change the logo, that’s not a problem. Can make it an image too, and fix kerning in PS. I do like the idea of an icon but not sure what fits. Can’t change the name, it’s registered like this and I like it :P I knew from the start it would look less professional though.

Can make some changes to header and footer and remove html bottom border, if I don’t go with the changes Chris proposed.

I’m aware of the pixelation problems when hovering the 3 sections… I’m not sure how to fix that. It happens during the transition on the transform I use to make the icon a background. Thanks for pointing that out though :)

, what’s your opinion on having a ‘vertical rhythm’? A lot of the choices on line-heights, and top and bottom paddings, borders and margins, came from having a vertical rhythm of 1.5em. That said I can reduce the line-height of the 3 sections, breaking the rhythm. Thanks for the screenshot with backgrounds removed. I like it, but there is no clear separation of the footer anymore. With a fat footer, won’t I need separation of content and footer? I liked my outdated stitches for that.

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind more help from you Chris :)

, they are just enlarged icons from the icomoon :P I’m working on polished versions, but I like them to be flat instead of too realistic. I don’t want another Apple product lineup, you can find plenty of those already.